Water Grab

A simple answer to the problem of what to do with the water we waste while waiting for tap water to get hot.

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Water Conservation Methods and Start Up Kits

Hello and welcome to Water Grab.

We created Water Grab after watching so many gallons of water needlessly and wastefully disappear down our drains. From then on, we strived to create a water conservation method that anyone can use.

We humans have all become too accustomed to cheap and readily available clean tap water, especially here in America. Those days are gone and probably gone forever. Water Grab is an effective and convenient water conservation kit that contains two specially designed funnels which can be used with any number of shower heads, sink faucets, and bath faucets to collect all the unused water that is wasted daily while bringing water to a desired temperature.

This is not the world’s end all solution to water conservation, but it is simple, and it works. Besides, why waste water that you are paying for, when you can use it in so many ways? It takes just seconds a day to save a massive amount of water over a short period of time. Even if you do it only once a week, it’s a step in the right direction. We encourage you to view all of our water conservation methods and tips for inspiration.

We personally use (and have used) Water Grab daily for over two years. On average, it is not uncommon to fill up a minimum of two containers daily for a family of four household. That’s approximately 1900 gallons per year. Now multiply that by everyone. It’s staggering.

We hope that you get as much out of using our water conservation kits as we do.

Thank you

Jason Mascow and Joseph Lacko

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