The Importance of Water Conservation

Our world is currently in need of your help. To ensure there is enough water to go around, we have to start thinking about water conservation strategies. It is such a precious resource, and we all need it to survive. To really get a taste of the importance of water conservation, we will set the scene for you.

Despite how much water exists on Earth, there is a shortage of drinkable, or potable, water. This is because our world is mostly covered in salt water. In fact, salt water makes up about 97% of the Earth. To turn this water into consumable water, it must undergo an expensive process to desalinate it. This leaves us with about 1% of water that everyone must share.

Climate change is also affecting the availability of water. Droughts make it even more apparent that water shortages are becoming an issue. This gives people limited access to clean water, which they need for cooking, cleaning, maintaining good hygiene, and more. When we use less water, more clean water will become available for others to use, including those who experience droughts. In other words, using excess amounts of water leaves less clean water for those who really need it.

When you conserve water, you ensure that your city, as well as cities around the world, can plan for the future. Younger generations also need access to fresh, clean water. Teaching others about the importance of water conservation and how to implement water conservation strategies into their daily lives will help ensure a better tomorrow. Although it is a group effort, it takes one person to make a difference.

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