Water-Conservation Devices and Technology

There are many different ways to conserve water, including investing in water-efficient technology.  Other than the Water Grab, here are a few other water-conservation devices you can use to save water–and you can even install some of them yourself.

  1. Irrigation controllers – Also known as irrigation timers, these devices use local water data and automatic settings to water plants and crops only when it is necessary. No matter your watering needs, irrigation controllers can be used for any landscape, so conserving water will be a breeze.
  2. Rotary sprinkler heads – Highly efficient, these water conservation devices deliver water at a low rate while maintaining an even distribution. They also help you maintain a healthy garden and lawn because they feature a gentle, uniform stream that helps water penetrate the soil.
  3. Faucet aerators – To eliminate water waste, these easy-to-install devices utilize low flow but deliver water at a highly efficient rate. These devices add air to the flow to produce a steady stream of water without increasing water consumption.
  4. Shower timers – Installing shower timers is super easy. These small yet incredibly functional water-conservation devices keep close track of how much time you are spending in the shower. Most shower times will notify you if you are taking too long. Every time you shower is an opportunity to better your time, making this device perfect for anyone with a competitive spirit.
  5. Energy-efficient dishwashers - Washing dishes by hand is not always energy efficient, especially if you keep the water running! Not only do energy-efficient dishwashers help you save water, they help you save money.

If you are looking to improve your water conservation efforts, the water-efficient technology on this list will help. For even more ways help our planet, please contact us today or subscribe to our mailing list!