Saving Water at Work

Whether you work for a large company or you are becoming more aware of your water usage at work, you are probably wondering, “How can we save water?”

Saving water at work, in addition to practicing conservation methods at home, can make a bigger environmental impact than most people think. No matter what your responsibilities are in the office, everyone is responsible for the planet, and with very little effort, everyone can make a positive difference.

Business Owners

  • Let Your Employees Know – Talking to co-workers about water conservation and including relevant tips and facts in your company newsletters are just some ways you can keep your employees informed.
  • Replace Old Toilets & Urinals –  If you have not updated your appliances in a while, you might want to think about doing so. New models typically feature water-saving capabilities, such as low flow and dual flush.
  • Invest in Water-Efficient Kitchen Appliances – If you are serious about saving water at work, consider water-efficient alternatives. For example, if your employees need to wash their dishes, they can do so with a highly-efficient dishwasher.


  • Don’t Leave Faucets Running – Always remember to shut off any water faucet you are not using. It is really that easy.  Turning off the faucet while you lather your hands with soap can save hundreds of gallons of water per month!
  • Report Leaks – A dripping appliance means your office is losing water –and the water that you’re losing is not being put to good use.
  • Take Fast Showers At Work – If your office has a place to shower, keep it short. Showering for just 5 minutes can save gallons of water. Try turning the water off as you shampoo and condition your hair and turn it back on when you’re finally ready to rinse.

When you cut back on your water usage and implement environmentally friendly solutions, you can make a difference. Change the way you think about water and take action in your workplace today.

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